About M-Force Music for Cancer

M-Force Music for Cancer has been established as a charitable trust #CC49833 to benefit people with cancer. 

The aim of the Trust is to support the fight against cancers by raising funds towards cancer research by utilising donated original musical compositions and making them available to the general public.

A small fee will be charged for purchase of the compositions, with all proceeds being utilised to support the aims of the Trust.

Composers who wish to donate any of their works to this cause are invited to email the trustees at heather_dabrowski@hotmail.com, subject line M-Force.

Works must be original and can be group or individual.

Funds raised are used to support cancer research in New Zealand that furthers the understanding of cancer and more effective methods of cancer treatment. ie. 

The Auckland School of Medical Sciences  [clinical pharmacology]                                                                                                        

The McKenzie Cancer Research Group  [translational research Dept/single cell RNA profiling)

Otago University (bioinformatics)