About Me - Peter Dabrowski

Welcome to the M-Force Music for Cancer website. A website of original musical compositions, currently created both electronically and on digital and analogue keyboards.

My name is Peter Dabrowski, born in New Zealand in December '54 to Polish / New Zealand parents.

I was introduced to the piano around five years old, and remember being fascinated by the richness of the reverberating strings. What a simply marvelous entrancing wonderful sound, Just one note and i was hooked!, caught up in what was to become a lifetime involvement.

I learnt classical piano for about ten years, until at the age of fifteen I lost my left hand in an accident, and had to reteach myself to play the tunes that kept popping into my head. 

After much experimentation I eventually opted for just using my stump and five fingers, " six fingers"   - better than none, and most players with ten fingers dont use them all at once anyway.

With the advent of computing, I started collecting these original compositions on CD's .and giving them away as presents.

Later, some family members and close friends developed cancer. Not having any medical skills and still wanting to actively do something for these people I realised that the one thing that I did have that was special and that could be utilised to support cancer research and potentially help cancer patients, was my music, and thus M-Force Music for Cancer was born.